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Achievements and Experience

July 2018 - April 2021

Artist/level Designer

September 2014 - July 2018


April 2015 - September 2015

Artist/ Set Deisgner

April 2013- October 2014


May 2009-May2013

Interactive Media Specialist

October 2003 - April 2009


May 2000-September 2001


Improvement Interactive 


-Developed work pipeline for level design, 3d character, assets and environments.

-Created custom look and feel for a high-profile competitive product.

-Sussed out a solid project with diverse coworkers

Big Sky VR 

Los Angeles, CA and Bozeman, MT

⦁ Photographed and 3d modeled real world objects for virtual reality application.

⦁ Traveled to remote events such as concert and festivals to create

accurate models in real time.

⦁ Animated loop-able events and real world physics of assets and characters.

⦁ Shot and edited specialized panoramic photography.

Jeff Wisniewski April 

Belgrade, MT

⦁ Created digital fine art prints for gallery display and sale.

⦁ Rebuilt existing objects and sets in 3d for animation.

⦁ Exported virtual sets for motion capture.

⦁ Pre-visualization of animation sequences.

BPM Games 

 Bozeman, Mt

⦁ Oversaw look, feel and development of prototype video game.

⦁ Built low polygon models of key game assets and secondary tools.

⦁ Problem solved objects and functionality with programmers.

MSU Extended University 

MSU Campus Bozeman, MT

⦁ Built online educational software concerning Everest climbs, Yellowstone

Extremophiles, Algal Biofuels, Hydrogen production and more.

⦁ Photographed environments that have been repurposed by many sources

such as National Geographic online, NASA, planetariums and the


⦁ Videographer and Animator for many high production digital projects.

⦁ Created content for award winning educational print media.

Wavelength Electronics 

 Bozeman, MT

⦁ Designed physical and graphical appearance of many products.

⦁ Product photographer for print, web and large format advertisement.

⦁ Maintained web page graphics and online marketing

High Voltage Software

Hoffman Estates, Illinois

⦁ 3d Modeled, textured, scripted, and animated game assets.

⦁ Completed Hunter: The Reckoning, Lilo and Stitch experiment 626,

Ground Control, NBA Jam 2001 and Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum


⦁ Assisted in forward development team for new innovative products.

⦁ Worked on high end cuts scenes and animations for games, and arena



Goldenvoice (Coachella) – production and event photography

Museum of the Rockies – permanent mural painting

Smart Shoot – location photography

Flo Photo – event photography

Wavelength Electronics – product photography

Trivago – location photography

EZ V Bow Sight – product photography

Grub Hub-Food/product Photography

Apartment Finders-Location Photography

Dirty Dash- Event/Sports

Bozeman Marathon- Event Sports 

Missoula Marathon- Event and Sports


Montana State University April, 2006

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Art and Architecture, Studio Art Bozeman, Mt

⦁ Completed fine art program while also integrating a personal designed

curriculum in computer graphics and animation

⦁ Cross studies includes calculus, computer science, and film studies.

⦁ TA for Aikido

Colorado Institute of Art April, 1996

Associates of Applied Science in Communications Denver, Co

⦁ Learned both classic and digital principles of design and layout

⦁ Premiered emerging digital technology

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