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     I am a designer, painter, photographer, artist, illustrator, animator, and video editor. I have worked in just about every facet of computer graphics and graphic design.

     I started my career as an airbrush artist. I had a shop in a mall where I painted anything requested, mostly on clothing. I handled about every request, mostly from pictures or descriptions and did cartoons, phrases, caricatures, and portraits. I also did custom automotive painting as well. Trends started to change and I expanded to digital work. I still airbrush from time to time.

     While putting myself through design school I worked for several airbrush shops, a company that constructed building signage, and multiple software development companies. I built several software packages including a proposal for vaporware for Microsoft, Nickelodeon licensed character sharing software, Dental scheduling software and worked with several early online packages. During this time I continued to airbrush and do digital cleanup for photography.

During the dotcom days I moved to Chicago to head the creative department for a video game company. I worked on about a half dozen titles to publication including Hunter: The Reckoning, Ground Control, Lilo and Stitch: Experiment 626. I also was part of a team that worked on built advance projects in motion capture and proved technology for future titles. I aided in the creation of the scoreboard animations at the United Center, and built animations for the Chicago Bulls as well as the Chicago Fire arena football team. I also rendered walkthroughs on museum and architectural proposals and designed large format prints for trade show booths.

     I completed a Bachelor's of Fine arts degree at Montana State University. While finishing that degree I designed and photographed electronics hardware for Wavelength Electronics, I continue to help them with occasional photography and projects. Since graduating I have focused on working with educational multimedia. I have built interactive educational work for the EPA. I have created online interactives for hydrogen production and Yellowstone park, Algae Biofuel production, and multimedia for the Everest Education Expedition, Astrobiology and 4-H youth science outreach. I have painted on the interior mural for the Museum of the Rockies children's discovery center, developed animations of extremophiles for the Houston Museum of Natural Science's planetarium show about microbial life in Yellowstone. I have also had NASA pick one of my photographs to use as stock that has been reused for exhibits and publication around the world.

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